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Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that we are the authorized Canadian partner for Boopsie - a mobile app solution for your library.

Take advantage of preferred rates offered through your Canadian authorized Boopsie partner.

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Boopsie for Libraries - Maximize Library Visibility

Differentiate with Custom-Branded Library Mobile Apps

Boopsie for Libraries is a robust, multi-platform mobile library application designed for public and academic libraries.  Already in use by many libraries and universities worldwide, Boopsie's one-stop solution mobilizes catalogue and non-catalogue services based on the population base the institution serves.  This makes it an affordable solution for even smaller libraries.  In fact, we have recently introduced pricing for a population base under 5000.

Boopsie is the only mobile application developer that can deliver customized world class mobile applications in a matter of weeks and at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.  The application is customized to your library's branding specifications and requirements.

Boopsie applications work on all phones, all networks.


Real-time ILS Integration

Boopsie’s proprietary AccessILS system integrates directly with any ILS database, and makes it easy for patrons to see their account information and update it by putting items on hold and renewing books or other materials. Additionally, only Boopsie applications include MobileFind™ search technology that enables fast catalog search with minimal keystrokes.

Support for Non-Catalog Content and Services

Library patrons want to do more than search for books via their mobile phone. In fact, Boopsie customers have found that more than 60% of their patrons use their mobile application to access non-catalog services such as locating the nearest branch, checking hours and event schedules and keeping up on the latest library news via the library blog or Twitter feed.

Boopsie provides a wide range of features important to library patrons:

  • GPS-aware Library Locator
  • Ask a Librarian
  • Reading Lists
  • Calendar & Events
  • Integrated social networking tools.


Easy to Implement, Minimal Staff Resources Required

Full implementation of a Boopsie application requires minimal technical expertise and resources from library staff. Easy-to-use content management tools leverage Google Docs to populate and maintain information for Library Locator and Reading Lists. Google Docs built-in collaboration features make it simple for multiple staff members to contribute content and keep information up to date.

Fast and Affordable

A Boopsie application that includes native support for all internet-enabled phone platforms can be deployed in a matter of weeks and at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.

All Boopsie applications are fully hosted and compatible with all mobile devices.


For more information and pricing please contact:

Matthew Tullett at or call 1-800-268-6563

Sam Nickell or call 206-510-7298