About Us

Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc. (DIS) is a manufacturer of high-quality printed products, and a provider of related business application services located in Toronto, Canada. Specializing in bar-coded products and variable imaged document solutions, we draw on over twenty years of industry knowledge and experience.

We believe that it is this product focus and our intimate understanding of the related issues which creates the greatest value for our customers. This value is manifested in the innovative product and service solutions that our expertise enables, and results in a customer satisfaction level that drives lifelong business partnerships.

As a small business, we rely upon the establishment and growth of these types of relationships and recognize that their health is synonymous with our own. We see the size of our business as an advantage in that we are able to quickly react to our customer requirements and offer flexible solutions that are extremely cost-effective.

In summary, Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc. provides leading-edge technology with intrinsic business experience in the interest of supplying our customers with a quality of product and service that surpasses expectations.