Data Management
Dynamic Imaging Solutions' core business lies in the design, creation, storage and distribution of business documents that carry variable information. As a result, the very foundation of our business depends upon our ability to accept, manage, utilize and report our clients' data. We accomplish this by maintaining a dedicated team of data professionals who employ only state-of-the-art technology to ensure our customer's satisfaction, no matter what the product or service solution required.  


Our data professionals have the skills to assist you in a wide variety of technical requirements. Our proficiency has been developed to support our core production competencies of bar coding, custom numbering and variable imaging but we can utilize these skills to resolve a broad range of client data issues. Our data services include the following capabilities:

  • Database design and analysis
  • Data conversion - all standard formats supported
  • Data extraction
  • Data merging
  • Data sorting
  • Data generation and programming - including custom stand alone applications
  • Data reporting - custom report generation both in hardcopy or electronic formats
  • Project management


The quality of the products and services we provide is based upon quality data. As a result, it is imperative that our clients can rely upon us to provide fast, reliable, virus-free data exchange. We continually strive to provide the technology and processes to meet this requirement and to ensure that our clients can easily and confidently exchange data from their system to ours.

  • Norton AntiVirus protection provided for all incoming and outgoing data transmissions with automatic LiveUpdate virus subscription
  • Data accepted via high-speed transmission methods including: E-mail file attachments, FTP (including batch processing), Internet
  • Data accepted via most standard media formats
  • All data formats accepted including Microsoft Excel, delimited text, fixed-record length text, DBF, Microsoft Access, Filemaker Pro
  • Most standard graphic formats supported
  • Custom web tools available to provide real-time data updates and reports.