When we started Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc. in 1999, we knew what we were good at.  Simply put that meant bar coding.  However, bar coding is more than lines and spaces, it is dealing with numbers, information and data.  Our main focus as a start up company was to produce bar code labels for the library market across North America and beyond, but since the bar code is ubiquitous to any market and business, we have branched out to produce labels for many other sectors as well.  This included producing labels for Canada and US Customs, pre-printing waybill forms and freight pro-labels for the transport sector, hang tangs and UPC labels for retail stores, bar code labels for racking and shelves in warehouses and numerous types of labels for car parts manufacturers.

As part of our initial focus on the library market, we discovered that as a supplier to this market, there was a need for fully customized, colour library card products provided with a quick service turnaround.  After successfully filling this niche, our card manufacturing capability has since evolved into providing custom cards and key tag products for other markets and service providers.  These products are now quite varied and include marketing items, membership products and loyalty and gift cards.  Over the years this product line has now become one of our biggest sellers

So now going into our 12th year of operation, we produce a number of bar coded or variable imaged products and service many markets and end users.  If your market is not listed here, it certainly does not mean that we are not capable of producing your product.  Please give us a call at 905-362-2000 or email and we will provide a solution for you.