Freight Pro Labels

In this day and age, everyone wants to know as much as possible about their shipment.  When did it ship?  Where is it today?  Where is it this minute?  When will it be delivered?  This is where bar coded freight labels come in.  Bar coding provides the ability to track items faster and more accurately and also allows for increased visibility of the shipment on the way to its destination.

Pro pads can be used for various shipping methods including LTL, couriers, daily shippers, freight expeditors, messengers and even trailer load.  We understand your needs whatever your shipping requirements may be.

Typically, a Pro-pad will consist of a cover sheet with instructions for the driver, a backer board and usually 25 or 50 sheets of bar coded labels in between.  Each label on the sheet usually would have the same bar code number and are used however the customer wants.  In general,  one sheet is used for each pickup that a driver has.  One label would go on the shipper's bill of lading and one label would be left with the customer's bill of lading.  Remaining labels could be used for the actual pieces or skids being picked up.  As you can see in the examples below, each sheet can have as many sub labels as you would like.  In this case we have anything from 4 sub labels to 8.

We can work with you to determine the size of the pad, size of the label and how many sub labels you may require.  Pro-pads are fully customizable to your needs, or use a stock sheet to save costs.  Black and white or full colour options are also available.  Most importantly, we can print any symbology and utilize any type of check digit required by your tracking system software.

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