Bar Code Quality Verification

Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc offers bar code verification services for companies wishing to ensure bar code quality compliance on the labeling of their products and product packaging or any other of their bar code document requirements.  Using our in-house bar code verifiers, we can generate bar code verification reports either in an electronic or physical report format, that provide specific bar code quality test results.  These test results provide detailed bar code quality information using recognized standards.  The reports include bar code quality grades, A through F, and also the exact details in regard to each parameter that is used to rate the quality of the bar code.  The verification report provides a clear measurement of the quality of the tested bar code image so that you know how accurately and effectively it will scan in the real world environment.

While a bar code verification report that passes all quality checks is certainly the best indication that the bar code will be scannable at the point of use, it is not a guarantee that the final printed product will scan well or will work as intended.  There are two main reasons for this.  Firstly, there may be errors in the final printing production of the bar code that we can not control.  Secondly, although the bar code tested may pass all quality tests, there may be particular industry, application or end-user bar code requirements, such as a custom check digit or special formatting, that are not tested for.  If we are producing the final bar code document then we will ensure that the first possibility will not occur.  However, if the package or document is being produced elsewhere, a verification report should be performed both on the initial product artwork file and then again on the final printed product to ensure quality compliance.  The best way to avoid the second possibility is to have the bar code, or a series of bar codes, scanned in the point-of-use environment to ensure application compatibility.

A physical sample or samples of the bar coded artwork, label or product packaging should be mailed or couriered to us at the physical address on our "Contact Us" page.  Please include your contact information, including a contact email, with the samples to be tested. We will confirm receipt of your samples and process payment of the order either through Visa or Mastercard.  Please allow 3 business days for the generation of the final verification report(s) upon confirmation of receipt and payment. 

The cost for a bar code quality verification report is $37.50 for the first sample scan/report and $5.00 for each additional sample scan/report.  A sample verification report is shown on the right.  If a specific check digit validation match is required then the cost may be more.  All verification reports will be emailed in a PDF format unless a physical report is specifically requested.  If a physical report is requested and/or the bar code samples must be returned, the courier cost is $15.00 for UPS ground service.