Bar Code Support & Consultation

The primary role of any bar code is to facilitate the quick and accurate collection of data for use in some defined purpose. However, in order to maximize the bar code's usefulness, there are many factors that require consideration before any ink should touch the paper. Dynamic Imaging Solutions can provide an understanding of the fundamental issues surrounding the design process, the print production technology and the usage environment of bar coded documents.

Basic bar code information and resources are available from various pages on this web site. However, for more complex bar code support requirements, such as the examples shown below, please contact us directly at 1 877-716-4347 or 905 362-2000.




At Dynamic Imaging Solutions, we are ready to assist you in all aspects of of your bar code document design and production. This is our approach regardless of whether we are providing the expertise to develop and produce an entire bar code project or simply contributing the consultation services to enable you to print the document yourself. Our design support includes the following services:
  • Support of all bar code types
  • Understanding and use of linear vrs 2D bar codes
  • Bar code symbology selection and identification
  • All check digit identification, requirements and programming
  • Consultation on special character requirements
  • Bar code standards compliance and consultation - including Canada & US Customs, UPC/EAN, ANSI MH10, AIAG and more...
  • Full bar code project and document design services
  • Bar code font creation and consultation
Bar codes can be produced with a variety of different print production technologies each with its' own inherent advantages and drawbacks. As a rule, a bar code should be generated using the highest possible print resolution, while maximizing the space or "real estate" available on the printed document. However, several factors can effect the choice of production methods including the type of of document or media to printed, longevity of use of the document and cost restrictions. Our print production support helps our clients to:
  • Appreciate the strengths, limitations, benefits and drawbacks of the print production methods available
  • Understand the production requirements of the documents or media to be printed
  • Offering alternate production methods that may be either more cost-effective or more practical
The environment in which a bar code is utilized has a direct bearing upon how it should be produced. This relates to both the physical production of the bar code and the document it is printed on and also to the information encoded in the bar code itself. How a document and bar code is used and processed, what elements is it is exposed to, who utilizes the data in the bar code and how is this data consumed, are all important things to consider. At DIS, we help our clients by:
  • Understanding the process flow both of the physical document and of the encoded data
  • Suggesting the necessary media, including over-laminates and synthetic substrates, to withstand harsh environments and conditions
  • Recommending the optimum bar code format and structure based upon the client's software requirements/limitations and the needs of the consumers of the data that is encoded in the bar code